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Dressing Sissy website is all about male to female tansformation through clothing.
Dressing sissy will show you the hottest male to female transformation wear and show you how to be the best little girl you can be!
So get to it little sissy bitch!
The ultimate male to female transformation designs are from Michael David at Koalaswim.com. Suits like Mangina, Pussy boy, and the Secret wish line are the ultimate dressing sissy designs and they do make men look exactly like the have vaginas. The dressing sissy line has been very popular with transsexuals, femdom slaves, men who wnat to get in touch with their feminine side, crossdressers and sissies.

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A Dressing Sissy Fetish

There is something very sexy about male to female transformation sissy that most guys may never get the chance to experience because they think it makes them less than a man. Of course, this line of thought is completely false and there is nothing that can make you less of a man if you are truly secure in your sexuality. Now, you don’t have to be a straight man in order to enjoy dressing in this manner, and there are a lot of gay men out there that choose to live their lives like this. Besides, it's extremely fun and exciting.

If you have never thought about slave sissy, but you are a bit curious about it all, there are some sites online that you can look through that will spell things out for you. Don’t worry, though, you aren't going to be bombarded with guys asking you out or anything. You will find highly intelligent men that will be willing to explain everything you might have a question about in a way that will make this little fetish something you might be tempted to try out. You just have to be willing to let yourself get involved.

There are plenty of reasons for men to try dressing sissy if you are willing to look hard enough. Of course, the main reason that most guys decide to participate in this type of a fetish is that it lets them be someone else for a bit while they are doing it. Some guys have such dominate roles in their lives that it feels good to let loose and become a sissy for the taking with their partners. This is a definite sign of letting go of who you are and allowing yourself to enjoy your life in a completely different way.

Not everyone out there thinks that sissy is an appropriate thing to do. In fact, if you are involved in this type of fetish, just try wearing your sissy wear to work one day and find out how people take it. You are going to find that most of the people you work with will decide you are a freak and want nothing to do with you. Actually, there is a good chance that you will probably be asked to go home or even fired because of the items you are wearing for your fetish.

In order to get the full effect of male sissy, you need to do it in a private place with people that understand why you are doing it. If you try wearing some of the sissy items out in public, especially the ones form Koalaswim.com, you will see how people react in a negative way towards you. You might be able to get away with wearing some of these items in public, but trying to pull off the complete sissy aspect is going to get you a lot of attention that you probably don’t want to have.

There is nothing better than being able to get into sissy whenever you want to and not have to worry about what other people are thinking about it. Of course, the only way you can be guaranteed that you won't be judged by those around you is in either doing it at home while alone or at private parties that are specially done for this type of fetish. At least with the parties you will be around other guys that are also dressing up as a sissy and they can't really judge you since they are all wearing the same things you are wearing.

If you are  sissy slave in the privacy of your own home, it will make you feel better about yourself and the release of stress you can achieve, but you won't have anyone around to share the moment with. If your partner is willing to accept the fact that you like to dress this way, then you can share it with them, but that might not be enough for you and your needs. Sometimes you need to have a group of people to share a fetish like this with, and the only way you can do that is by finding other guys that feel the same way as you do.

The first thing to do is find a message board or forum that is involved in the sissy fetish. In this way, you are able to find other guys around you that would be willing to hang out while you are enjoying your fetish together. If you are keeping something like this a secret from your partner, then this may be the only way you can truly experience your fetish in a favorable manner. Of course, keeping secrets like this from your partner probably isn't the best way to handle it.

Sometimes you have to break away from traditional relationship aspects and tell your partner if you have a fetish like sissy boys. This is the way you can gauge their response and see if they are willing to enjoy this fetish with you or if the relationship you are in is on a one way road to a dead end. It's much better to find these things out in the earlier stages of the relationship rather than waiting until the two of you have already moved in together or even gotten married and they find out by accident. You would be surprised at how many relationships were ruined in this way.

A great way of letting your partner know about your slave sissy fetish is to show them some of the items from Koalaswim.com. By showing them the items, you can see what they really think about them and in that way you can determine whether or not you should tell them about what it is you like to do for fun and excitement. If they find the sissy items from Koalaswim.com interesting, then you can pretty much guarantee that they aren't going to have that much of a problem with you dressing like a sissy for them.

Of course, there are going to be times when you are trying to break the news of your sissy fetish to your partner and you find out that they have the same fetish that you do. This will naturally move your relationship into the next level automatically, and that is usually a good thing. It's always good to have a partner that is willing to enjoy the same things that you do on a regular basis, and finding that partner by accident is a very satisfying thing for most people that want to be in an open and honest relationship.

Can you imagine what it would be like to find out that your partner is into fem sissy just like you are and how much fun the two of you could end up having on the weekends? You could both attend those sissy parties that you want to go to and have one of the strongest relationships you could ever imagine because of it. There are few things in life that are better than having a strong relationship with someone that is into the same fetishes that you are into, and it gets even better when the two of you can wear the same items form Koalaswim.com.

Now, obviously, there are going to be guys out there that will want to experience gay sissy all day long, and to do this, they will wear their sissy items under their clothing when they go to work. This is actually a more common aspect to this fetish than you might think, and there is probably someone in your office that is doing just that right now. Just take a look around you and see how many guys are looking at you with that faint twinkle in their eyes like they are about to spread pixie dust all over the office and you will know who they are.

It should come as no surprise to you that there are a lot of men in the professional world that love straight sissy on their days off. They have a very important and masculine role to play when they are working, but when they get a chance to let loose, they prefer to do it with something sissy related that they purchased from Koalaswim.com. This is the way they are able to let off some steam and shed all that stress that running a major corporation brings to their lives, and they get to have a lot of fun in the process.

You can almost count on the fact that you already know someone that is dressing sissy when no one else is around. They aren't going to come right out and tell you that they do, but there is a strong chance that at least one out of every ten guys in the world is secretly dressing up in the most sissy of clothing options they can find. Unfortunately, they are purchasing these items at sites that are only interested in how much money they can make rather than at sites that want you to enjoy yourself.

Koalaswim.com is one of those male transformation sites that wants you to enjoy yourself, and you can tell by how low their prices are for their high quality items. They aren't interested in making millions of dollars selling items that you are going to have to replace over and over again. They would rather you purchase multiple styles and designs and enjoy your sissy fetish instead. The quality that you will get from their items is above and beyond anything you would normally expect and, once you purchase one item form them, you will be hooked forever.

A lot of guys that are playing sissy as a fetish would prefer that the people that really know them aren't aware of it. Because of this, most guys will not go out in public to an adult store and purchase their items. They know that they will eventually have to explain to someone they know why they were in that store and what they were buying. This can be a very difficult and trying moment for most guys so they prefer to purchase their items online. Then, no one has the chance of knowing what they are doing.

That is probably why the hot sissy fetish has risen in popularity over the last couple of decades. Since the internet has become a basic staple of human existence these days, it is much easier to find and purchase your sissy items from websites like koalswim.com rather than risk people finding out about your fetish by going to an adult store. The best thing about purchasing online is in the fact that you have a much wider selection to choose from instead of only getting what the store might have room for on their shelves.

There was a time when most guys that were involved in the sissy fetish would go to the mall and purchase womens’ clothing items for their “wives and girlfriends” and take them home. They would then figure out a way of making adjustments to these items so that they could wear them instead. While that is a viable way of getting some of your sissy based items, it isn't going to give you the comfort that items made specifically for men that want to be sissies can give to you. It may be alright to start out with and play around with but, eventually, you need real sissy items and not things you turned into sissy items yourself.

Think of it as purchasing a car over building one for yourself. Your dressing sissy fetish deserves to be enjoyed by you at all costs and, if you are creating your own items, you aren't exploring the full aspect of this wonderful fetish. If you have the general knowledge of how a car works, that doesn’t mean the car you build is going to be a luxury car. It just means that you might be able to drive it down the road and back before things fall apart on you.

Dressing up is something that needs to be explored to the fullest extent so that you can truly feel at peace with it. This isn't a fetish that you can take lightly and trade it off for something else later on. If that is how you are feeling about your sissy fetish, then you haven’t fully experienced the lifestyle of being a sissy yet. You need to develop that fetish in a way that allows you to totally experience everything there is about being a sissy to see just how far you want to go with it.

If you are willing to take your dressing fem fetish all the way to the end, then you will finally understand what it means to be a true sissy. The thing you should realize is that you can't take a fetish like this all the way to the end in one night. This is something you will have to take slowly and experience at levels when you are comfortable and ready for them. You can't expect to learn everything about being an astrophysicist in one day, and you can't explore the world of being a sissy in one day, either.

Now, there are times when you can take your sissy fetish to the next level fairly quickly, even jump a few steps if you want to, but you are losing out on valuable experiences by doing things this rapidly. Slow down and find out why so many guys out there enjoy living this type of a lifestyle and see where you fit in with it. Once you find a level that you aren't ready for just yet, you can scale things back a bit until you are comfortable with it and then move forward if you want to.

You shouldn’t feel like you have to move forward with your dressing sissy fetish, either. If you are perfectly comfortable only wearing the couple of items that you have purchased at Koalaswim.com and you don’t want to go any further, then stay where you are until you are ready. This isn't a contest on who can be the biggest sissy, although you might run into a few contests like that at some of those private parties you end up going to. But those contests are all in fun. It doesn’t mean anyone is better at being a sissy or anything.

The most important thing about dressing sissy is to have fun and enjoy yourself while you are doing it. It is going to be one of the most exciting things you have ever done in your life when you first start out, and you are going to want to try new things all the time. After you have been dressing this way for a while, you will find a speed that is more comfortable for you to follow and set your course accordingly. Things will begin to slow down, but the excitement you felt on that first dressing will stay with you for the rest of your life.

You will eventually meet up with other guys that are dressing up and start up a small group so that you can all enjoy this fetish together. It's actually quite strange how guys that dress up this way always end up finding each other when the time is right. There is no reason why you should be alone in this fetish, and finding others that share your passion for being a sissy is something that every guy in this fetish should try to do.

Once you start going to dress up parties and meeting others that enjoy dressing up like this, you will get a whole new appreciation for what you are doing. Your perspective will completely change as well, and that is always a difficult thing to accept at first. But if you stay with it, you will find that you are finding new ways of enjoying yourself in ways you never thought would be  possible. You just have to be willing to put the time and effort into living your life the way you want to live it and not worrying about what everyone else might think about it.

Once you have learned to accept the fact that you enjoy that you are a sissy, then you can worry about telling others around you what you do. If you don’t want to tell anyone, that is your choice as well, but it won't bother you as much that you are keeping a secret of this magnitude from those around you. Besides, there are some people out there that won't understand this type of secret no matter how much you like it or how you explain it to them anyway, and these are the people that don’t need to know about it.

Enjoying your life and dressing sissy is something that a lot of people aren't able to do these days. They think that it is purely sexual in nature and that you are just doing it in order to get lucky with someone that is just as perverted as you are. The truth is there are plenty of guys out there that only dress this way so that they can feel different from what they have to endure every single day of their lives. It may not have anything to do with being sexual in any way, shape, or form, and they are perfectly okay with that.

Whatever reason drove you to sissy is your own business and you shouldn’t have to explain it to anyone. If you are happy dressing up in items from Koalaswim.com that will turn you into a sissy, then you should have the right to enjoy that feeling as often as you possibly can. For some guys, it's the missing piece of their lives that they have been looking for since they were a child, and if it make their lives better, then there shouldn’t be any issues with them doing it. You have the right to live your life in the manner you see fit, and sissy boy is just another way of expressing yourself to those that you trust more than anyone else.

If you are into dressing sissy style or you are forced into being a dressing sissy you have to visit Koalaswim.com and check out the insane designs by their head designer Michael David who has been dressing sissy men for years including male to female transformation designs along with extreme mens swimwear.

Check out this description:

Suspended Penetration

When it comes to attention and stimulation, there is nothing hotter than the Suspended Penetration design from Koalaswim.com. This over the shoulder suit uses the Ass Spark as a base anchor for the perfect amount of stimulation no matter what you are doing while wearing it. The pouch in the front is separated into two distinctive segments that has your cock in one and your balls in the other. This design gives you the ability to adjust just how much pressure you want from the anchor to help keep your cock as hard as a rock the entire time you are wearing it.

The Suspended Penetration is one of those designs that you are probably not going to be wearing out to the public beach, but that doesn’t mean you can't hook yourself up, pun intended, and head out for a wild night of partying. This is one of those few things in life that you will enjoy just wearing under your clothes and heading off to work as well. Just imagine the feeling of stimulation you could be getting sitting behind your desk at work with the Ass Spark inserted nice and deep.

You can think whatever you want about the Suspended Penetration and use it however you feel you should, but the main thing you should understand is that by wearing items like this, you are taking an active role in your happiness and how your life is going. If you want to find out what it's like to walk around with a smile on your lips and an erection in your pants all day long without taking those harsh pills, then you need to pick up the Suspended Penetration suit as fast as you can from Koalaswim.com. This is one item you just can't live without once you have felt the immense pleasure it can give to you.

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